Skype:around the world


Videoconferencing with India vs Croatia

Author: Anthony Češljar , 18. 11. 2016.

img-20161118nAs part of the International Project of making bookmarks, in which our school for the first time included this year, on Wednesday November 18 2016 with Skype, we heard from our partners in India. At 7.30 the classroom with whiteboard gathered all the students eagerly awaiting who will greet them, “on the other side of the screen.”

After ten minutes on the screen appeared twenty children from India with smiles on their faces. We sent them a greeting, and they returned the greeting briefly presented. We learned that their school has 600 students, and they were interesting information to all students of our school currently in the classroom.

 We asked them to all subjects taught in schools and that their favorite subject, and they wanted to know which sports are dealing with, what kind of clothes we wear, how we called the president …Our half-hour gathering ended their invitation to visit them, and we said that we would gladly welcomed their newfound friends from India.

                                                                                            (courtesy:website of snovana skole,croatia)