ISLM2016 :A Report

Country: India (Allahabad,UP)

Name: Madhuri Rawat

Position: Librarian Teacher

Organization: Kendriya Vidyalaya IIIT-Jhalwa;,

The bookmark exchange project was celebrated second time this year in KV IIIT Jhalwa,Allahabad.Under this project several items organised with the different age groups of children and bookmarks exchanged with different countries i.e China,Croatia and West Indies.Our Students exchange the culture and habit of other countries with especial reference to reading and habitat.

Brief outline of ISLM 2016 Activities:

Bookmark Making Competition

Story Writing Competition

Story Telling Competiton

Online Bookreview Writing

Bookmark Exhibition

Book Ambulance

The bookmarks shared with these countires-

– Osnovnaškola”Studenci”, Studenci, Putškole 15, 21265 Studenci, Croatia

– St.Joseph’sConventPOS, 57-59 Pembroke Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies

– TinShuiWaiMethodistCollege, TinShuiWai, Area102, Phase4, TinFuCourt, HongKong, China

– EkonomskaškolaBraćaRadić, Vijenac kardinala Alojzija Stepinca 11, 31400 Đakovo, Croatia

I would like to thank ISLM2016 coordinator Breege O’Brien, for their guidance and support in our projects .Also I thank our partner schools for their cooperation in having successful and interesting bookmark exchange projects.I am also thankful to our Principal Mr.Vijieyesh Pande,Mr Deopal,Mr Amir Khan,Mr Laxmi Shankar,Mr S.S.Singh for their support.

Madhuri Rawat
ISLM 2016,K.V.IIIT Jhalwa,Allahabad,India








ISLM Bookmark Exchange Project:2016

Greetings Bookmark Makers and Bookmark Enthusiasts!

Welcome to another year of the ISLM International Bookmark Exchange Project.

You are receiving this email because you have registered for the 2016 Project and may already have been assigned a partner for your group/s. Many participants often have questions at this stage so the following information may be of use to you in completing your project:

  1. For this project, partners are assigned by the project coordinator; registering groups do not select their partners.
  2. A number of factors are taken into account when assigning partners, including any wishes or requests expressed by participants when registering, but no guarantees can be given in relation to what partner/s are assigned.
  3. Partner details are recorded on both the Registration tab and the Partners tab of the online project registration spreadsheet which can be found at:
  4. All the contact details you need for your partner school/s are available on the Partners tab.
  5. You should NOT change your details on the registration form once you have inserted them.  If any of your registered details change, please contact the project coordinator at:
  6. Once you have been assigned a partner/s, you should contact them to arrange the exchange of bookmarks and the rest of the project.
  7. Please note, there may be slight differences in numbers  of students matched and if this arises in your matched groups you are asked to send the extra bookmarks so that each students will receive at least 1 bookmark.
  8. In registering for the Bookmark Exchange Project you are committing to exchange bookmarks with your assigned partner/s. Unfortunatly, it does happen each year that a small number of groups are disappointed when the bookmarks they are expecting from a partner do not arrive. We all rely on each other’s sincerity and professionalism for this project to work to everybody’s benefit and enjoyment. PLEASE BE SURE TO CARRY THROUGH ON YOUR  COMMITMENT.
  9. Please note, the Bookmark Exchange Project is a separate project to the ISLM Skype Project. I have no role in coordinating the Skype Project and cannot arrange requests for Skype sessions with partner schools. Details of the ISLM Skype Project can be found at:

If for any reason you need to contact me about your participation in the project after your group/s have a registration form line reference, please include that in any emails to me. This is for greater clarity and helps me to reply more promptly to you.

Apologies for the lengthy mail. Hopefully, this will clarify questions for participants. I wish you good luck with your partner/s and a very enjoyable bookmark exchange experience this year.

Yours sincerely,

Your 2016 Coordinator, Breege

Best wishes,

Breege O’Brien

2016 ISLM Bookmark Exchange Project Coordinator

Greetings from Ireland 


“Learn to Decode Your World”with CROATIA,CHINA,PAKISTAN & WEST INDIES


islmonthsmall2016 ISLM Bookmark Exchange Project:”Learn to Decode Your World”


The Bookmark Exchange Project involves matched schools making homemade bookmarks (any style, shape, etc – be creative) to exchange with each other.

This year, Breege O’Brien of Ireland returns to co-ordinate the Bookmark Exchange Project. Last year, due to personal circumstances, Breege was unable to coordinate the Project and much thanks is due to Marie O’Brien of Australia and her team who took over the Project to ensure this popular ISLM activity could take place in 2015.

The Bookmark Exchange Project is a simple, fun way of sharing the pleasure and delights of books and libraries and of making new friends through school libraries worldwide. If you and your students did not get involved last year perhaps you will this year.

You might wish your students to communicate with their partnered school (s) as you make your bookmarks so that they can learn something about another culture and a different way of life. Alternatively, your students might do an in-depth investigation about each other’s localities. If you don’t want to do either of these things you can simply just swap bookmarks or devise your own activity. What you make of your exchange is entirely up to you.