ISLM2016 :A Report

Country: India (Allahabad,UP)

Name: Madhuri Rawat

Position: Librarian Teacher

Organization: Kendriya Vidyalaya IIIT-Jhalwa;,

The bookmark exchange project was celebrated second time this year in KV IIIT Jhalwa,Allahabad.Under this project several items organised with the different age groups of children and bookmarks exchanged with different countries i.e China,Croatia and West Indies.Our Students exchange the culture and habit of other countries with especial reference to reading and habitat.

Brief outline of ISLM 2016 Activities:

Bookmark Making Competition

Story Writing Competition

Story Telling Competiton

Online Bookreview Writing

Bookmark Exhibition

Book Ambulance

The bookmarks shared with these countires-

– Osnovnaškola”Studenci”, Studenci, Putškole 15, 21265 Studenci, Croatia

– St.Joseph’sConventPOS, 57-59 Pembroke Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies

– TinShuiWaiMethodistCollege, TinShuiWai, Area102, Phase4, TinFuCourt, HongKong, China

– EkonomskaškolaBraćaRadić, Vijenac kardinala Alojzija Stepinca 11, 31400 Đakovo, Croatia

I would like to thank ISLM2016 coordinator Breege O’Brien, for their guidance and support in our projects .Also I thank our partner schools for their cooperation in having successful and interesting bookmark exchange projects.I am also thankful to our Principal Mr.Vijieyesh Pande,Mr Deopal,Mr Amir Khan,Mr Laxmi Shankar,Mr S.S.Singh for their support.

Madhuri Rawat
ISLM 2016,K.V.IIIT Jhalwa,Allahabad,India








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